Shimla – The snow covered views

Climate Of Shimla
Cool climate is the specific reason why it is popular as summer retreat all over the India and worldwide.

Hieght from sea level - approximately 2200 mtr.

Climate : Cool with chilled evenings. Frequent snowfall in winters.

Temprature: -5 degree to 23 degree Celsius.

The Ridge of Shimla
The Ridge of Shimla is well-known for arranging various governmental fairs and functions. For all the various festivals and celebrations the Ridge of Shimla is a major location. The colourful Summer Festival is One of the major festivals held here. The Ridge is the main hub of all the various festivals and cultural activities of Shimla. Some of the major Shimla sightseeing places including the Jakhoo hill, Lakkar Bazaar, Scandal Point and many more are situated in the close vicinity of the Ridge of Shimla.
Ridge of Shimla is located in Shimla’s heart. It is located along the popular Mall Road which is the major and attractive shopping centre in Shimla.

Kufri is a famous destination for its incredible surroundings and mesmerizing views. Kufri is the best place for the people who loves adventurous things including hiking and skiing and enjoy these activities to the core while in Shimla.
The biggest attraction of Kufri is the snow-laden hills where the skiing activity is carried out by the enthusiasts. It is located at a distance of nineteen approx 19km from the centre of Shimla and one can easily reach it.


The Mall
The Mall is the prime shopping centre of Shimla. This shopping centre has restaurants, post offices, banks, clubs, bars and tourists offices. Gaiety Theatre is a famous theatre of Shimla. The Mall is also the main meeting place for the people of Shimla and around.
November to February is the perfect time to make Visit. In these months you can easily enjoy skiing. furthermore, for the ones who are not interested in adventure sports like skiing.

Green Valley
The Green Valley is well-known attraction of Shimla and is also known as a popular photography point. Green Valley is situated close to Kufri and is conveniently surrounded by the green hills. Green Valley is that one can view various animal species like yaks wandering and grazing.

Jakhoo Hill
The highest point of Shimla is Jakhoo hill which is packed with bright looking Alpine trees. The hilltop is flat and the top of which features the recently built Hanuman statue as well as the coloured Jakhoo Temple. It is one of the calmest place that Shimla owns.. To reach the topmost spot of the Jakhoo hill one requires to take a long walk of around thirty to forty minutes.
Jakhoo Hill’s summit is about 2455 meters high. It is about 200 meters higher than Shimla’s central ridge. The temple on the hilltop is devoted to the Hindu monkey god called Lord Hanumana. Hiking is one of the major places of interest of the Jakhoo Hill.

Kiala Forest
One of the ideal tourism locations in Shimla is the Kiala Forest. Nestled in the Kotkhaai Valley it is beautified with greenery, vegetation and with an abundant number of animal species. It is an ideal place for all the nature loving people and wildlife lovers. Kiala Forest has rich vegetation and wildlife and also an perfect place for photographers where they can click both wildlife in their natural home and nature itself.

Himalayan Bird Park
Himalayan Bird Park is a renowned tourist destination for photographers and bird admirers. Mean while Shimla is popular for its beautiful scenic surroundings, its beauty is further enhanced by the wide range of wildlife that thrives in the forests and hilly slopes.
The Himalayan Bird Park is a place that features a wide range of captivating birds that you might haven’t spotted ever before. The park also has variously endangered and exclusive birds species. Visitors can spot various beautiful and colourful birds including the Himalayan monals, pheasants, peacocks and so much more.

Christ Church Christ Church is one of the most popular visiting places of Shimla. It is fairly a popular destination amongst the travelers and the visitors. It is an wonderful monument that was developed in the era of the British. It is an brilliant architectural monument and people pay a visit in order to serve the almighty or to adore its beauty.
Christ Church conveniently occupies a spot on the Ridge Road which is one of the busiest roads of Shimla. The Christ Church boasts the exceptional art of the British times which makes it unique. The Christ church is also been inspired by the Neo-Gothic style, a glimpse of which can be captured while exploring the place.

Shimla Mountain Train : The Shimla mountain train runs between Kalka to Shimla. This railway track has granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view is astonishing, with the line passing through an amazing 103 tunnels.

The British designated the town Shimla as the summer capital of India. The higher levels of the town reflect this British connection, buildings built in the Victorian style, while the lower slopes are occupied with Indian bazaars. The historic central area is known as the Mall, which means that the atmosphere is calm and the air pristine. All the region has a hilly terrain and is covered by dense evergreen forests. The Ridge in the north of the Mall is a good place to view the seven majestic hills of Shimla. Lakkar Bazaar is a good place to buy some handicrafts and other souvenirs.

Summer Hills is a beautiful township of Shimla. Part of the seven-hill cluster, it is one of the best tourist places to visit in Shimla, owing to its breathtaking natural views amidst generous greenery of Pine, Oak and Deodar trees, and offers a fabulous view of the magical sunrise or sunset. It is an ideal spot for trekking, paragliding, nature walks and other adventure sports.